You like our vision and want to contribute? Great, now we are one step closer to creating a more independent and human social media experience for everybody. We want to invite you to get in touch with us. Let us know your ideas or tell us what you are working on:
There are many forms how collaboration may look like, we would like to give you two ideas.

Be a part of our community of like minded people

This project requires a whole bunch of different skill-sets and ideas to be successful. We aim to build a rich and colorful community in which we communicate openly, share our skills with each other, discuss ideas and concepts and develop iconet together. This will be the best way to create meaningful software, with all processes being transparent and well documented. Join the team and decide yourself, how much you want to contribute. We are happy to get to know you.

Work with us as an external

It is our intrinsic vision to bring together many different network and client solutions from different parties. In our system they all are going to profit from each others userbase. United, we will be able to make a big difference. If you are already involved in the development of or have a novel idea on social media technologies, get in touch with us. Together we can coordinate the different steps of development, so you can focus on your core features and we can take care of the framework. Let us be effective in building a better internet together. Tell us about your great idea.