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Digital Freedom Day

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We want to put the issue of digital freedom at the center of society. What does digital freedom mean, what alternatives are out there, what impact does the topic have on us and society? We want to create a space for exchange around these questions. Not only will there be a lot of interesting presentations and the introduction of relevant initiatives working on the topic, visitors will also have the possibility to get involved in workshops and open discussions. Additionally, the event will be accompanied by concerts and performances of various artists.

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The event is organized by different initiatives in and around Tübingen. Also you can bring contribute, check the event-page for more information.

Social Network Developers Conference

We connect networks - we connect people. And we want to connect the people behind these networks. At this conference developers and operators of social network & media applications are invited, both of applications already in use or such that are still in development. We want to create a place where developers, innovators, researchers and interested people can have a valuable exchange and make connections to overcome technological challenges and solve some of the issues social networking is facing right now. More information will be curated soon. If you want to be part of this process or share your thoughts and insights, we are happy to hear from you.

rC3 2021

We're excited to announce that we will participate at this years Remote Chaos Experience and are given the opportunity to introduce our vision of decentralized social networking. We're going to present the concept of interconnectivity and look forward to discussing the topic with people who share our passion for a free and independent online environment. rC3 logo

PRESENTATION: Solving social networking through interconnectivity.

Implications of interconnectivity. Social networking needs to be decentralized, but how? Interoperability and federated data spaces have brought us a long way, but these solutions have their limits. We are building user centered compatibility for non-interoperable systems", so users can stay connected with each other, no matter the tech their using. We take a look into the technology required to achieve this. We aim to inspire hope in a bright future, where users freely can build their personal constructive digital communication environments. → Watch the recording in the CCC media collection

OPEN DISCUSSION SESSIONS: Shaping the future of social networking.

→ Join us online in our iconet-assembly

Implications of interconnectivity. Advancing the decentralization of communication technologies. We want to hold an open discussion about the technical implications of interconnectivity.

The future of social Networking - What matters to you? We invite you to an open discussion, to exchange ideas, explore new visions and talk about the future of social networking/media. Let's network between people who care about!

Open Development

Community meetings
Community meeting

Your contribution matters! We want to start the new year with energy and motivation and start developing! If you're interested in participating in our open development, please send us your info before, so we can match the participants and plan the project accordingly. In this first meeting we will introduce everyone and everything, get organized and talk about what's next together. See you soon!


Save the date! Today the different teams will tackle their first assignments together. If you want to participate it would be optimal if you are also joining us for our first dev meeting on January 26, since the teams, assignments and introductions will be announced there. In case, you can not make it to the first meeting, but want to attend the Hackathon, send us a message and we will get back to you. Let's get the development going!