iconet brings together contacts from different networks.

We are building a new social media experience where contacts can share, interact and communicate across different networks and applications. You can access any iconet network through any iconet client of your choice. It presents you your notifications and content, independent of the networks they originated from. This way you can create your personal social media environment. When you want to test a new application, your friends will already be within reach from inside it. When you want to use various formats for different aspects of your social life, your iconet-Client will help you manage them easily. Interconnecting networks will be the next big technological step of the internet. We are doing it - transparently and open source.


Explore new networks and tools

With iconet it will be very easy to navigate between different networks. When interacting with a new network, there will be no registration process or installation required. When you find something exciting, you can directly share it with your friends. You can explore tools, that help you organize the communications of all your social groups.


Independence for Content Creators

In the present system Content Creators are bound to the platforms with the most users. This leave them with little freedom on how they want to present their content, how they wish to market it and how they want to interact with their consumers/community. In our system, content creators may use any technology that fit their personal needs the best while still being assured, that their content will be displayed within the iconet-Client of their users properly. Technologies will rise, that serve only the needs of the users and the content creators, not those of any platform.


Enabling micropayments

Micropayments can be a convenient alternative for people who don't want to pay with their personal data or through advertising. It is the possibility for you as a user to support anyone you would like to, with minimal effort. The Content Creators you follow, Artists you admire, Journalists you trust and platforms you enjoy, by you supporting them with a few cents, you enable them to keep on doing what they are best at. Micropayments might bring the required flexibility in payments, that matches the flexibility of modern media consumption. We want to enable platforms with such technologies to establish themselves further through interconnectivity.


The users are fully in charge

Everything we build, will be available in open source. Therefore we, the developers, will gain no benefits from our software being run. We will only be supported by people who believe in our vision, so we will be able to create software that benefits and serves only the needs and wishes of our users. No incentive to get them addicted, no possibility to sell their data.


Adaptable clients for special needs

Traditionally, a network can only be accessed through the one Client-application, which is provided from this network. This is to the disadvantage of users with special needs. In our system you can pick the client that fits your needs and still access all the networks you want through it. This way everybody can have his personal social media experience, while still staying connected with one another.



Our system removes two big limiting factors for innovation in social media. We make it easier for users to join new networks, and we make it possible to interact with friends from within this new network, even if they have not joined it yet. The user experience will be higher for networks that haven’t reached a critical mass yet, so they spread easier and faster. This can lead to a greater variance in digital communication methods again. Many current problems within social media could get a solve. For instance, the trouble with hate speech when having political discussions online. It’s not an easy problem, but a solution will only will be found, if people are able to experiment freely with different formats for different situations.


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