We connect networks.
We connect people.

Our mission is to build an open protocol for interconnectivity between social networks.

The result are interconnected networks or short iconet.

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Important questions first...

Who are you?

We are the iconet Foundation, a non-profit organization for research, development and consumer protection. Our team mostly consists of computer scientists from Germany.

What are you doing?

We are developing interconnectivity for social networks, which ensures that people using different communication technologies, i.e. different applications, can interact and exchange information with each other, across network boundaries.

How do you implement that?

We are a non-profit and open source initiative. After finishing our prototype we want to make a proposal for an interconnectivity standard. This will then be discussed and improved together with open source developers, data protectionists and platform operators.

Why are you doing that?

Through interconnectivity, it will be possible to freely choose your communication technology and still stay connected with all your contacts. Here we describe our vision in detail.

What is interconnectivity?

We are creating a seamless social media experience where contacts can share and communicate across different networks and apps. The aim is to access any iconet network with any iconet client, view notifications and content regardless of the network, and create a personal social media environment. We believe that interconnecting networks will be a major step towards advancing online communication to a new level.

Stay connected with everyone

Easily navigate different networks with iconet. Directly share exciting finds with friends. Explore tools to organize all your social group communications.

Independence for Content Creators

Our system frees content creators from platform restrictions, allowing them to choose technology that fits their needs and reach their users through the iconet client. This results in technology serving the needs of users and creators, not platform interests.

Open Source

We believe in Open Source as a driver for a healthy internet community. Those who support our vision can help us develop software that benefits and serves users.

Adaptable Clients for Special Needs

With our system, users can choose the best client for their needs and access multiple networks. This enables a personalized social media experience while maintaining connectivity.


Our system boosts innovation in social media by simplifying network access and enabling interaction with friends across multiple networks. This enhances user experience, speeds up network growth, and promotes diversity in digital communication.

The road to interconnectivity

A tree growing from the root to the crown, representing a roadmap.

Our Values

We are building an open source protocol, that is free to use by any application.
Decentralization of networks leads to greater user proximity and fairer market conditions.
As everyone is connected to everyone, each person can use the application that suits them best. This enables greater diversity in the way we communicate.
Ease and convenience of operation allows users with little technical understanding to adopt our solution.

Our Values

Instead of letting large technology companies decide alone how we communicate, we are striving for democratization of the digital communication space.
Users are fully self‑determined and can choose their communication technology based on their personal preferences, independently of their friends or platforms.
With iconet, you can decide where your data is stored. This allows for better data security.

What motivates us

Our current system of social networks is inherently flawed because it is so limited. Human relationships are incredibly diverse. The tools we use to support them should be, too.
Steffen Schnürer
Within the mainstream applications users have no control over what happens to their own data and how it is processed. I don't want to participate under these conditions.
Martin Miller

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